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An Inspirational Message


Thoughts submitted by one of our readers.

Our past does not define who we are. That was so important for me to remember when I was released from prison on June 5, 2014. With that positive attitude and the desire to move forward from my mistakes I have been able to begin a new life. It took a whole lot of faith and trust in my Higher Power, whom I choose to call God. While I was incarcerated people joked about “finding God’. They would say “oh yeah, he’s in jail, that’s where everybody finds him.”

Fortunately I had him before I went in but our bond grew with the time I had to reflect on where I was. I made a commitment to trust my God. He had performed so many miracles in my life even with this prison sentence. It finally dawned on me “my best thinking got me here – why not trust something that hasn’t failed me?” In the past 3 years since I was released I turn all of my problems, concerns, dreams, resentments and trials and tribulations to this God of my understanding. He guides me on a daily basis. Things don’t always come in “my time” but everything is always resolved in “God’s time.”

He knows what is best for me. He brings me peace and serenity and forgiveness that I never thought possible. Remember our Ego is not our Amigo but Humility can bring us to a place of calmness for better living. Today I look at my past as something that was intended for me to go through to get to the wonderful life that I have today. Give it a try. Trust something that you never trusted before. He’s been waiting for you too!