Getting a job with a criminal record, let alone a felony is hard as you have already figured out. Finding a work at home job with no background check is possible though, simply scroll down and look at our list of legit work at home jobs for felons.

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The Best Work at Home Jobs For Felons with No Background Check

Working online is a great option for felons and those with a criminal records. You can easily earn extra money or find a full time career.  All of the online jobs are felon friendly and you will have no background check.  With that being said you will need to have or learn the appropriate skills to be successful at any of these work from home jobs.

High paying work at home jobs with no background check (Felon Friendly)

These high paying home based jobs are where you should start. Many of them are set up for freelancers to connect with clients that need work done ASAP. They do not care about your felony convictions or what you look like, they only want the job done right and quickly.

#1 – Upwork

Upwork is not a job, it is a site that allows you to find thousands of jobs at once. What happens is that employers will post a job they need done and you can apply for that job. The job could be writing an article about dogs, or it could be about computer coding or translating a website to Spanish. The point is that there are many different types of jobs available all of the time from basic tasks like article writing to skilled long term jobs. After you complete a job with someone they will leave you a review, the better the review the easier it is to get more work, and higher paying jobs.

Want more information on Upwork check out this review or our review of Upwork.

#2 – People Per Hour

Most of the jobs on People Per Hour are high paying but require a very specific skill such as Search Engine Marketing, SEO and software engineering. If you know a lot about technology then this will be the place for your to make bank. There is an application process but their is no background check to worry about. If you are a felon with a passion for computers and technology check out People Per Hour.

Check out this People Per Hour review if you want details.

#3 – Ifreelance

Ifreelance is fairly similar to Upwork (listed #1) except they do not charge freelancers  a fee when they get paid. You will find writing, editing, coding, SEO and many other types of jobs posted on Ifreelance. All of there jobs have no background checks. Keep in mind that you could use any nunber of these freelance sites at one time, there is no rule that says you can’t get work from multiple sites at the same time.

Freelance for Upwork

Upwork logo

High Speed Data Entry 

Picture Mechanical Turk Amazon

Web Search Jobs

Picture of web search jobs for felons.

More Details

Upwork – Thousands of jobs waiting to be filled right now! No background check!!!

Upwork is a fantastic way to make money online whether you are a felon or not. Upwork connects freelancers with employers that need a job done, the jobs can range from writing an article to sales or general administration duties.

Upwork is very, if not the most reputable site online to find work and that is why we recommend them so highly. No background check and you can start immediately!

Website Testing Jobs For Felons – Easy legitimate work!

Website testing jobs are abundant and one of the easiest online jobs for felons to get. As long as you have the appropriate equipment at home such as a computer, internet access and a microphone/headset you will on your way to making a full time wage from the comfort of your home.

Website testing jobs do not require a background check and you can usually start within a day of applying. The job is very easy as long as you follow the instructions that are given to you. Click the button below to learn about these great jobs for felons.

Amazon Mechanical Turk’s – Great for those who are great at very high speed data entry!

Mechanical Turks… Yes it has an odd name but it can make you money IF you are really fast at typing or 10 key data entry. There is basically an unlimited amount of work that can be started immediately and done at anytime day or night. The pay per unit is very low but it can add up if you are an excellent typer.

You need no equipment except a computer with internet access.

Web Search Jobs – Get paid to search the internet and analyze search results!

Web search companies are great work from home jobs for felons  if you are very analytical and enjoy searching the internet. These companies pay well and have regular assignments you must complete by a deadline. They are very dependable and always pay on time. You will need to complete an application and also will need to pass a test.

Felony Expungement – In a number of states it is possible to have your felony conviction either expunged or sealed. Imagine having your record swiped clean! Learn more here.

Tips & Information For Working Online As A Felon

Why work from home online?

Finding online jobs for felons is easy and can earn you a very significant income if you treat it as a real job. As you know many felons are discriminated against for jobs that they are very qualified for. Many companies will not hire a felon even if they were convicted 20 years ago for a non violent crime. This is why one of the reasons working online is getting more and more popular among felons.

Many advantages exist when you work online. A few include;

  • Saving money on gas, bus fare or transportation costs to and from work.
  • A lot of online jobs will not complete a felony background check.
  •  You can deduct some of your rent, electricity and other costs from your taxes.
  • You never have to leave home and do not need work clothing.
  • You are able to eat at home saving you money on food and drinks.
  • You will have more time with friends and family and also less work related stress.
  • There is no traffic to sit in and will have more time to do the things that you like to do.

So everything sounds perfect when working from home online right? Well there are a few cons as listed below.

  • You must be a self starter and disciplined to be a successful at home worker.
  • You will lose out on social time that you would normally have at work.
  • You may sometimes feel disconnected from the real world
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What type of online job is right for you?

Only you can answer that question ultimately but it is best to match your skills to what the company does. If you are not someone that is comfortable with sales then just look for something different. The above companies do hire felons for online work so you do not have to worry about being rejected. Since this is not a concern put some real thought into what you would like to do and not what you have to do!

What you need to work online

It is always best to work from a desktop computer or a laptop. Smartphones and tablets are not really possible to use when working online, at least for most jobs.

Website Testing – You will need a computer, hi speed internet and a headset or microphone.

Upwork – No requirements except internet access.

Amazon Mechanical Turks – No requirements except internet access.

Web Search Jobs – You will need a computer and internet access.