Picture of a target store that is now hiring felons

Several newspapers came out with an article stating that criminal history questions are now removed from all target applications. This may make Target a felon friendly employer now.

Target stated in a press release that they will have criminal background questions removed from their applications by the spring of 2014. They also said that they do reserve the right to still do a background check as they feel necessary for associate and customer safety.

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Target Stores Now Offer Jobs For Felons?


Reading between the lines we can probably assume that felons convicted of aggravated or theft charges will still be barred from employment at target stores. Many other convicted felons may still be allowed to work at Target stores though.

An insider told us that it really depends on what felony conviction you have, how long ago it was, the location of the store and how badly they need people. Each stores manager will differ on who they hire and what their felony was specifically for.

The good thing here is that you will now have a chance to interview face to face with the hiring manager long before a background is run on you. This is a great time to sell yourself to the hiring manager and to explain about your past felony conviction.

It has been about a year since target has changed their application policy but we still have not been able to confirm that they have started hiring felons. Please if you or someone that you know has been hired by target with a felony please let us know ASAP in the comment field below.

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