Thoughts From Quincy

An article submitted from one of our readers.


My name is Quincy. I just wanted to write something real and honest, because that is in short supply in today’s society. I get so sick of watching news programs and media outlets that gloss over today’s problems, that’s right, I said problems! Today’s society will never make any positive strides, as far as, RACE, ECONOMICS, SOCIAL INTERACTION, etc., simply because people won’t call a problem, a problem!

Speaking for myself, as an ex-felon, there is no place for us here, especially, if you possess the wrong “hue”!. If you haven’t put aside money to start your own business or company, you are screwed! sure, there are small percentages of ex-felons that get a fair consideration when it comes to jobs and so forth, but ultimately, for the larger percentages of minority ex-felons, get ready for your “amazingly difficult race”! I love hearing jaded people talk about the United States being the land of opportunity, that cracks me up! People that already have everything, want everything else.

The rest of the population that try everyday to make positive strides, constantly have to navigate through unnecessary obstacles. Obstacles that are placed by members of today’s society that are, obviously, threatened by hard workers, workers with strong, open minds and great ideas. People that are not afraid to fight and die for principles, that are important to them, are in short supply. We need more people who aren’t afraid to use COMMON SENSE! We need parents who, actually parent children, instead of trying to be friends to their children! DESPITE THE OPINIONS OF NOT SO SMART BORN IN THIS INTERNET AGE, SOCIAL MEDIA NEEDS TO GO AWAY!!!

People need to learn how to dialogue, again, we need to be willing to have easy and hard conversations, and be open minded enough to allow individuals to have differing opinions! We have to find a way to rise above the ENTITLEMENT ATTITUDES and the ARROGANCE of this nation! God bless America! Like God wouldn’t bless every other nation on this globe! We’re all people, we’re all human beings! No one color or race of people are better than any other color or race of people, despite our messed up history!!!

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