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Can you get a CDL with a felony?

Short Answer: The answer is yes, in most instances you can get a CDL with no restrictions. As long as you do NOT have a suspended driver’s license or are prohibited by you parole terms then you can get a CDL (Commercial Drivers License).

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Arrest Warrants and Probation

Most felons are eligible to get a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) from the state that they reside in. There are a few things that will prevent you from getting a CDL though.

If you have a warrant out for your arrest you will not be able to attain your CDL. Probation rules and laws differ from state to state, while some states will allow you to get your CDL others may not. We suggest that you inquire with you local DMV or probation officer.

Something else to consider is that NO trucking companies will hire you if you have a warrant or are on probation.

Crimes Involving a Commercial  Motor Vehicle (CMV)

If you have ever been convicted of a felony involving the use or operation a CMV then you will not be able to have your CDL reinstated.

There are 2 conditions required to be present for a felony conviction to be a disqualifying offense under §391.15.

  1. The offense was committed during on-duty time; and
  2.  the driver was employed by a motor carrier or was engaged in activities that were in furtherance of a commercial enterprise. However, neither of these conditions is a prerequisite for a disqualifying offense under §383.51.

Drivers License Suspension

If your driver’s license is suspended or expired you will not be able to get a CDL until your driving privileges are reinstated.

Other Considerations: Will a trucking company hire you with a felony?

Even if you can get a CDL with a felony you may or may not have trouble finding a trucking company that will hire you. We can tell you that there are trucking companies that will hire felons, but not all felons. You can find more information about becoming a truck driver with a felony by following the links below.

How to become a truck driver with a felony

A how to guide that will help you become a truck driver with a felony background. It will also save you from wasting a lot of time and money on a career that you may or may not be able to get.

Trucking companies that hire felons

Yes there are a number of trucking companies that hire felons. There are stipulations though and it is VERY important to know what they are before you get your CDL.

Truck driving schools that accept felons

Here you will find information about finding a quality truck driving schools that accept felons. Beware of scams and fly by night “trucking schools” as they are a dime a dozen.