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Resources For Felons

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Below you will find some great resources for felons and ex-offenders. We cover everything from ex-offender reentry programs, finding felon friendly apartments and helpful books.

We are constantly adding new articles, information and resources that are relevant and helpful to all felons and ex-offenders. Please share this information with your friends and family as needed and you are always welcome to comment on our information at the bottom of each page.


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Resources For Felons

picture of an infographic that says loans and grants for felons.Loans and grants for felons can offer education opportunities or chance to start a small business. Learn how to apply for educational grants and find out what resources for felons exist when it comes to loans and grants for educationial and buisness needs.

Loans & Grants For FelonsClick Here

A picture of an infographic about resources for felons showing felon friendly apartments.Finding felon friendly housing can be very difficult so we wanted to provide some helpful information for you to make it easier. This is one of the great resources for felons because it helps eliminate on of the most problematic issues for felons.

Felon Friendly ApartmentsClick Here

Picture of an infographic that says reentry programs is a great resource for felons.Reentry programs can be one of the best resources for felons and ex-offenders that are either pre-release or just coming out of prison and back into society. Reentry programs can offer jobs, housing, moral support and other critical needs for felons.

Reentry Programs For Felons Click Here

Picture of an infographic that states "how to find jobs, learn where to look for felon friendly employers." Jobs for felons/ex-felons can be hard to come by but we have some advice and resources that will help you find employment. Nearly every if not all felons can find a job, you just need to know where to look. Our jobs pages are some of the best resources for felons available online.

Job & career InformationClick Here



Helpful Information For Felons

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Jobs for Felons Hub
Felon Resource Center (Housing, Grants, Loans & Reentry)
Legal Information for Felons
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Recommended Books For Felons

Here are some very good books, websites and resources for felons that will help you with a variety of issues. The more information and resources you have at hand the better and easier your life will be. Knowledge truly is power and you can have the world at your finger tips if you have the correct information and resources.

We know reading may not be everyone’s “thing” but these books can offer a world of help to you. The books listed below cover everything from jobs for felons, interview skills and everything in between. The below list books are super cheap and and are some of the best resources for felons.


Jobs For Felons covers all the basics of finding a job as a felon. This book will teach you the ins and outs of finding and applying for jobs as a felon. It is a huge time saver since it will tell you where to apply and how to apply for jobs that you can actually get. This will help you target businesses and industries that are felon friendly.

Get Jobs For Felons today & get a job tomorrow!




Inspirational Help

Chicken Soup for the Prisoner’s Soul: 101 Stories to Open the Heart and Rekindle the Spirit of Hope, Healing and Forgiveness (Chicken Soup for the Soul)

This is a great book to lift up your spirits. Read stories of those that have gone before you.






How to Remove ALL Negative Items from your Credit Report: Do It Yourself Guide to Dramatically Increase Your Credit Rating

This book is AMAZING!!! It will teach you how to write a dispute letter and have most or all negative reports removed from your credit. This is very, VERY helpful for felons looking for housing, jobs or loans.




Online Resources For Felons

Her are a few online resources for felons. If you can not find the information you are looking for on our site then maybe you can here:

  • Student Loans For Felons – Here is information related to student loans for felons. It is very easy to go back to school or attend for the first time.
  • Educational Grants For Felons – Pell Grants for felons. This is money you can use to go to school with but do not have to pay back.
  • US Government Grants – Grants are available to most people whether a felon or not.
  • Housing For Felons – This page offers tips on how to find housing for felons.
  • Free Legal Advice – This site allows you to ask questions and a lawyer will answer them for FREE!

Helpful Information For Felons

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Jobs for Felons Hub
Felon Resource Center (Housing, Grants, Loans & Reentry)
Legal Information for Felons
This and That
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