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Our organization, Help For Felons is dedicated to providing support and direction to felons, inmates and ex-offenders in every aspect of life. On our site you will find excellent sources and directories in regards to jobs, reentry, legal, financial help, housing and much more. Our goal is to give you the tools that you need to not only live, but to be successful and live a fulfilling life.

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Help For Felons News and Updated Articles

Felon Friendly Housing

Image of Housing and apartments for felons.

Learn where to find felon friendly apartments and housing. It’s not hopeless.

Jobs For Felons

Image of a keyboard with the word jobs for felons on it in place of the enter key.

We have many pages of resources that will help you find a felon friendly employer.


Image of a road sign with the caption reentry programs, addiction, housing, recovery and help.

Reentry programs are a great way to start things over on the outside and can help in many ways.

Financial Help

Picture of money, grants and loans for felons.

Learn where to find loans, grants and how to improve your credit score.

Felony Expungement & Sealing

Depending on the state that you live in you may have the option to have your criminal record either expunged or sealed. In the end it really does not matter if your record is either expunged or sealed to most people. The only advantage to an expungement is that it opens the door to certain government jobs.

Our organization, Help For Felons is dedicated to bring you the most up to date felony expungement and record sealing information. You may be think that having your record expunged is monetarily unaffordable? While it may cost several thousand dollars, that is a small price to pay for the ability to obtain any job that you are qualified for. All too often criminal records hamper a felons earning potential. Just imagine NOT having to worry about a background check!

Help For Felons Jobs

Trucking Career Info

Picture of a semi truck, trucking jobs for felons.

Some trucking companies are willing to hire felons and even train them for little or no cost. Earn a great living and see the country!

Temp Agencies

Picture of a puzzle with temp and permanent jobs.

Temp agencies often have a wide variety of work available and some of their clients may not require a background check.

Online Jobs

Picture of a felon working from home.

Not all work from home jobs are a scam. We have done our research and have found some excellent companies that will hire felons.

Self Employment

In this article you will find great ideas for low cost start up business ideas. Take control of your own destiny and leave your past behind.

Jobs For Felons

We know how hard it can be to find a good job as a felon, or even just a job. We are adding new jobs, felon friendly companies and other career related material every week. Here are just a few of the job related resources you will find on our site.

  • Main Jobs Page – Here you will find many job resources.
  • Online Jobs – Felon friendly work from home jobs.
  • Temp Agencies – Find temp agencies that hire felons for short and long term positions.
  • Trucking – Some felons will be able to find work as a truck driver. Find out how and where to get free training.
  • Job Tips – Helpful tips for finding a job with a felony.
  • Careers for Felons – We list felon friendly career paths here.
  • Job Search – We are still working on this! Here we list jobs for felons in each state.
  • Jobs Blog – Here we do in depth reviews of America’s largest employers employers and find out if they hire felons.

We also offer information on felon friendly career paths, interview do’s and don’ts and offer advice about how to explain your past. Help for felons can also answer any questions that you may have.

Resources – Housing, reentry programs & more

This section of our site provides help for felons by providing useful and relevant resources like:

  • Housing – Find out where and how to find felon friendly apartments and housing.
  • Reentry – Reentry programs are great for those being released from prison.
  • Loans – Wanting to start a small business or go to school and need a loan?
  • Grants – Find grants for school or start a non profit organization
  • Knowledge – Here you will find some great book recommendations about jobs, credit and much more.

Finding felon friendly housing or an apartment can be hard to find as a convicted felon but we have some simple yet helpful advice when trying to find felon friendly apartments and housing.