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Help For Felons is an organization that is dedicated to helping felons be successful in every aspect of life by providing helpful and current information related to felons and ex-offenders. Our goal is to give you the tools that you need to not only live, but to be successful and live a fulfilling life.

Our site provides information about felon friendly jobs and careers, reentry programs, felon friendly apartments/housing and financial advice regarding loans and grants for felons.

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Help For Felons

Jobs For Felons

We know how hard it can be to find a good job as a felon, or even just a job. We are adding new jobs, felon friendly companies and other career related material every week. Here are just a few of the job related resources you will find on our site.

  • Main Jobs Page – Here you will find many job resources.
  • Online Jobs – Felon friendly work from home jobs.
  • Temp Agencies – Find temp agencies that hire felons for short and long term positions.
  • Trucking – Some felons will be able to find work as a truck driver. Find out how and where to get free training.
  • Job Tips – Helpful tips for finding a job with a felony.
  • Careers for Felons – We list felon friendly career paths here.
  • Job Search – We are still working on this! Here we list jobs for felons in each state.
  • Jobs Blog – Here we do in depth reviews of America’s largest employers employers and find out if they hire felons.

We also offer information on felon friendly career paths, interview do’s and don’ts and offer advice about how to explain your past. Help for felons can also answer any questions that you may have.

Jobs for felonsClick Here


Resources – Housing, reentry programs & more

This section of our site provides help for felons by providing useful and relevant resources like:

  • Housing – Find out where and how to find felon friendly apartments and housing.
  • Reentry – Reentry programs are great for those being released from prison.
  • Loans – Wanting to start a small business or go to school and need a loan?
  • Grants – Find grants for school or start a non profit organization
  • Knowledge – Here you will find some great book recommendations about jobs, credit and much more.

Finding felon friendly housing or an apartment can be hard to find as a convicted felon but we have some simple yet helpful advice when trying to find felon friendly apartments and housing.

Resources For FelonsClick Here


Help For Felons Blog – Loaded with information you care about

In addition to our many web pages we also have a blog that is dedicated to providing up to date information for felons regarding jobs, felon news and other helpful articles. Here are just a few of the topics covered in our felons blog:

Have you ever wondered if a particular company will hire a felon like Home Depot? Chances are that you may find the answers you are looking for. We have a great collection of articles about employers regarding whether they will hire felons or not.

Read Our BlogClick Here

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You are not alone!

Our site receives hundreds of thousands of visitors a month, almost all of them are just like you. Turning your life around and leaving the mistakes you made in the past can be really hard. You may feel hopeless, lost and mad about the challenges you face  when looking for a job or housing. It takes time, energy and frustration to overcome all of the roadblocks that you face but it can be done. Help for felons is dedicated to helping you find the resources that you need.