Felon housing now available in Arizona

A picture of an infographic showing felon friendly apartments.

A company called Second Chance Rentals has popped up and is thriving in the state of Arizona, specifically in the Phoenix and the Tucson area. They specialize in finding apartments for felons and other people that have issues finding suitable housing. We were very impressed with their service and you will be too if you are an Arizona resident.

Here is what they do as stated on their website:

Apartments and Condo, homes for People with Bad Credit, No Credit, Evictions and Criminal Issues. We have Apartments & Condos Valley Wide. We offer lots of floor plans at Affordable Rates and low Move-in costs. We offer payment plans that matches your pay schedule, Weekly, Bi-weekly, and Monthly Payment Plans available.

Source: 2nd Chance Rentals Homepage

The CEO Les Boynton started his company back in 2003 and has found housing for over 22,000 people that otherwise could be homeless. As you may already know it is very difficult finding someone that will rent to you with even a minor criminal record. The stigma of a felony, no matter the charge haunts people for all their lives even after they have paid their debt in full.

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The Cost

You may be thinking that this is too good to be true or is a scam but they are very reliable and trustworthy, just ask any of the 22,000 people they have found homes for. If they find you a home or apartment that you want they will bill you a small fee for each month that you rent. This is how they stay in business and keep helping others. After you rent for one year without any issues then that fee is completely dropped forever.

A majority of the rentals range in price from $440 – $700 per month and some offer weekly payment plans from what we understand. This is very affordable in comparison to other companies in the same line of business.

On second chance Rentals website you can easily fill out an application for housing in little as five minutes (For Arizona residents). You can also find their contact information and phone number there also.

An interesting fact is that 85% of all of the people that they find housing for finish their lease without any problems. This blows the stereotype that most felons are unwilling to pay their rent out of the water. About 33% of Second Chance Rentals clients are convicted felons.

CEO Les Boynton worked in property management for many years having to turn away felons and even people with minor convictions. One day it hit him, why can’t I do something to help people find housing. That is when Second Chance rentals was born.

Boynton was quoted by the Arizona Star:

“Our society is very judgmental of people with credit or criminal problems,” Boynton said. “They think they’re all high-risk, but 90 to 95 percent of them are good-hearted, working-class people.”

Source: Arizona Star

Second Chance Rentals is a real organization out helping people that are trying to turn their lives around and Help For Felons applauds them for this.  There are very few organizations in the United States trying to make a real difference for felons.