Picture of an IHOP that may hire felons.

Restaurants are one of the better employment choices for felons particularly if you need a job quickly. Many felons have a hard time finding a job that will hire them due to background checks and unfair hiring policies. In this article we will answer the question “does IHOP hire felons.”

Does IHOP Hire Felons? Answers Here!

While IHOP may not be a glamorous high paying job it is one of the the easier places for a felon to get a job. Yes, IHOP does hire felons. Many applicants have reported getting the job on the spot following an in restaurant interview. This is particularly true if a location is short on staff or is in an area of high employment.

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IHOP Background Check

We do not know how far back the background check goes but we do know that the general manager has full discretion in deciding on whether you get the job or not. This makes it very important to present yourself in a professional manner.

In order to improve your chances it is important to be very prepared for your interview.

  • Dress well and be clean
  • Outline why you are perfect for the job
  • Do not bring up your felony conviction unless asked about it

Apply to IHOP

IHOP’s employment application is pretty straightforward, you can either apply online or in store. It is possible to work your way up to a management position and you shouldn’t look at this as a dead end job. It is simply a starting place for you to get headed in the right direction. You may have no long term interest in working for IHOP or working your way up but you can always look for something better. To view current job openings at IHOP click here but it may be best to visit your local restaurant since openings can be sudden and unexpected.