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Does UPS Hire Felons

As you most likely already know it can be really tough to find a job as a felon in today’s world. Don’t lose hope though because there are companies out there that will hire you. In the below article we will answer the question does UPS hire felons.

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Does UPS Hire Felons?

Picture of the UPS logo and a UPS truck.

A few points to keep in mind when you are applying for jobs, this includes UPS and other companies. A company may employ a person with a felony but that will not hire everyone that has a felony. UPS will take into account many factors when considering you for a job/employment.




A few of these factors may include:

  • Length of time since release from prison or time since conviction
  • Type of felony conviction or specific charges
  • If you have multiple felonies


While we were researching information about UPS we did uncover some some interesting information about UPS and their practices regarding their hiring process.

One source we found had this to say about UPS and felons:

“They hired me as a felon (grand theft) and gave me full time benefits and everything I could ever ask for. Amazing…. ”

Source: Glassdoor


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Another source we found also was very encouraging and said:


“When I was working as a PO [Parole Officer] in Indianapolis I often referred my guys there and they usually hired them. It may be part-time, but they pay pretty good (it’s warehouse work) and have a great tuition repayment plan. It seemed like they were always hiring because it was hard, physical work and a lot of people didn’t stay very long. So give that a shot.”

Source: Prison Talk Forum


We also spoke with a UPS company representative and was told that they do not have a blanket policy against hiring felons and that each applicant will be considered on a case by case basis. This is great news for felons.

If you are a convicted felon applying for a job at UPS you will most likely have the best luck by applying for part time warehouse positions. This is a labor intensive job that will be nothing but hard work day in and day out. Remember though you will be getting your foot in the door and this will lead you to much better positions and possibly into management.

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If you are a felon or know a felon that was successfully or unsuccessfully hired by UPS please leave a comment below and share your experience!


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31 thoughts to “Does UPS Hire Felons”

  1. My name is Robert , i am 48 years old and a convicted felon. I am also a certified forklift operator and i can do them all. I applied to UPS and they turned me down, i still would love to work for them as i still have to go through temp services. If there are any openings please condsider me. Thank you

  2. Well ive applyed at UPS for the past 4 years, i do have a felony from when i was 18 and its been 5 or 6 years now since ive been off parole and doing good no other major things on my record , and now i even have delivery experience,so if they call me on monday to work means they hire felons with experience, if not guess i have to wait till its 10 years old to work for my dream company

    1. That’s not true i haven’t been to jail in 14 years and UPS did not hire me…I felt it wasn’t right at all knowing i haven’t been to jail in 14 years.

  3. Will ups hire u if u are guilty of possession of a finance device ( a gift card ) someone sold me a bogus gift card and I got caught with it at a store

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