Does AT&T Hire Felons?

Picture of an AT&T store that may hire felons.

When answering questions about whether a particular employer will hire a felon or not it is not possible to give a clear black and white answer. The reason for this is that each employer has different policies that may simply leave the the decision up to that particular hiring manager. Here are some other things that employers may look at when deciding to hire a felon.

  • How long it has been since your felony conviction.
  • What the exact offense was that you were convicted of.
  • How many felonies you have on your record

You also have to remember that the hiring manager’s personal viewpoints and opinions will come into play. That may seem unfair but it is just the reality of the situation. AT&T does NOT outrightly ban felons from working for them but will require that your felony that is at least seven (7) years old from the time of your release.

From the research that we have done it seems as if AT&T is not a very felon friendly employer. This does not mean that it is impossible to get a job with them but it is not as easy as some other larger employers in the United States. It is safe to assume that it would be nearly impossible for someone with violent felony conviction to work at AT&T.

Many felons have a hard time finding a job since most employers will automatically reject them if they have any type of criminal background, let alone a felony conviction. Our organization, Help For Felons  sole purpose is to make life easier by providing real information and answers to your questions.

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If you are a felon and have worked for or applied to AT&T please please share your experience with us. The more real world information that we can gather the more people like yourself we can help!