Does Best Buy Hire Felons? Answers Here!

So you are wanting to work for Best Buy but are worried that your felony record may keep you from getting hired. It can be difficult finding a job with a felony on your record but it is not impossible. Let’s explore what we the question, “does best buy hire felons.”

Best buy is picky about who they hire but being a felon alone will not bare you from the possibility of getting a job with them. We are not in anyway saying that Best Buy will hire everyone who has a felony but they will take it under consideration along with many other things. Being a great candidate for the job is critical if you have type of criminal background at all.

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What Best Buy will look at

Some things that Best Buy will look at when you are going through the hiring process are as follows.

  • The specific nature of the felony. Please note that Best Buy will most likely not hire you if you have a theft conviction. If you do the older it is the better.
  • The time that has passed since you were released from prison.
  • If you have one or multiple felonies.
  • How you present and explain your criminal record to the hiring manager

Our research shows that the hiring managers have a lot of authority to hire who they want regardless of any felony convictions. This makes it very important to present yourself as an outstanding candidate for the job and to really connect with the hiring manager. Misdemeanor convictions are much easier to get hired with unless they are for theft.

Apply to Best Buy

Our organization Help For Felons always encourages felons to apply for as many jobs as possible and feel that Best Buy is worth your time in applying for. You can view current job openings here.