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Does Lowes Hire Felons?

It can be hard to find a job as a felon. Many of us are turned down on a regular basis for many different types of jobs. Our organization, Help For Felons is here to help make your life a little easier by providing information about jobs for felons. So is lowes on of those few employers that will hire a felon? Let’s find out!

Does Lowes Hire Felons

Picture of a lowes storeDoes Lowes hire felons? The answer to that question is not black and white. There are many factors that go into who Lowes hires. We have heard from many felons/ex-felons that have not been hired by lowes. Many have also stated that they did have an interview but were never contacted afterwards. This was most likely due to the fact that they are felons. On the other hand there has been a few people that we know of that were hired by lowes and had a felony conviction in their background.

So how does lowes choose who they hire? There are several factors that go into their choice to either hire you or not. Here is what they will look at when you apply to lowes:

  • Type of felony conviction
  • Length of time since conviction
  • Position applied for
  • Job related skills

People that have theft/fraud or violent felonies will not be hired by lowes period, even if it is 20 years old. Now if you do have a felony that isn’t violent or theft/fraud related then you may be able to be hired by lowes.

From what we have found lowes highly prefers for your felony to be at least 7 years old. We have not 100% confirmed this from Lowes themselves but have seen this policy stated in some job advertisements over the years.

If you have any further comments or knowledge about lowes or any other business that hire felon please let us know.


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35 thoughts to “Does Lowes Hire Felons?”

  1. I am a Michigan resident. I filled out an extensive application and reached the end of an interview without questions about my felony record. I was told I was hired pending a criminal background check and drug test. When I tried to explain my situation the interviewer said that the nature of the crime did not matter, only whether it violated Lowe’s policy. I have a felony drunk driving conviction from 12 years ago and I can only assume that the violent nature of such a crime precludes me from working at Lowe’s. Despite 11 years of sobriety, almost a decade of construction experience, four years customer service related retail, and a recently attained bachelor’s degree I never received a call back to begin work.

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