One of the great struggles for felons is finding a job as we all know. Our organization, Help For Felons has numerous resources about jobs for felons  and many other topics.

A Guide On How To Find A Job As A Felon

It is very important to keep a positive attitude when seeking out jobs. Often times we become our own worst enemy with thoughts like “I will never get a job” , “I really messed up, my life is over”, “I’m an ex-felon and paid my debt already and…” and “this is just not fair because _______ (fill in the blank). All of the above complaints may be valid but they just don’t matter because life is what it is . You have to make a choice to either make up your mind that you will get a job or that you will not. Make this choice and stick to it, live it and do your best.

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Stop wasting your time by applying for jobs!

Hugh? Yea I said it but there is more to it than that though.

What I am really saying is to stop applying for jobs that you can’t get because of your felony record. If you have a conviction for theft do not bother applying at business that sell any type of product like retail stores. Rather than wasting your time with them start applying for manufacturing jobs or labor jobs. You need to match your felony conviction to employers that will not feel directly threatened by.

  • Theft – No Retail stores will hire you.
  • Forgery/Fraud – Stay away from positions that handle credit cards or personal information.
  • Felony DUI/DWI – Lets not go for that pizza delivery job.

How to sort through job advertisements and postings

  1. Get a list of jobs together and match yourself to companies that will not feel as threatened by your particular felony conviction.
  2. Next match the remaining jobs to your skills.
  3. Finally go ahead and apply for all of the positions that you may be qualified for.

So… Where do I find these jobs that felons can apply for?

Now that you know what jobs to look for we will give you some killer tips on where to and how to find jobs for felons.

Craigslist – Not everyone thinks of craigslist when looking for a job but there are tons of jobs on there for a wide variety of jobs. A lot of small businesses use craigslist to advertise. This is a good thing for a couple of reasons:

  • It is possible you will run into a company that either does not run a background check or does not care that much about criminal records.
  • Since there are a lot of small businesses advertising you may actually get to talk to the owner face to face. This is much better than a human resources employee that reads a company policy book all day long!
  • Odd Jobs – Look under “gigs”. These are easy jobs like yard work and sign spinning.  If you need some cash now to hold you over then take a look at what is listed.

Indeed – Learn how to search for jobs for felons on indeed. Here is how to search on indeed:

When you search on indeed.com put the term “felony” in the search box and then enter the state you live in. After you hit search all the job postings that have the word felony in them will be brought up. Not all of these jobs will be felony friendly but it will allow you to see which jobs say things like “No felons” or “Felonies must be over three years old.” This can easily show you what jobs are possible for you to get.

Walk in – Sometimes we get all wrapped up in searching online only. Take a look around you and just start walking into really small businesses.  Ask them if they have any positions open or if they know of anyone that is hiring.

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Final Advice about how to find a job as a felon

It is not uncommon to apply for about 200 jobs in order to actually find one that will hire you. Make sure that you are prepared and ready for every interview that you get. Make your your job finding a job until you reach that goal. The more applications you put in the greater your chances are.

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