As you already know it is very hard to find a job that will hire you if you are a convicted felon. There are a few second chance jobs for felons out there but to be honest they are few and far between. Below we have outlined the easiest places for a felon to get a job at.

Second Chance Jobs For Felons


Goodwill is a great company and offers second chance jobs for felons. The pay may be low but this a great place to get started if you are trying to turn your life around. They have many retail location, donations centers and distribution centers across the United States. Goodwill also offers training and programs for felons and others in need. Take a look at goodwill job page here.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army can be a great place to get back to work. They have many jobs for felons nationwide and you may even be able to work your way up to being a store manager or to the corporate office. You can visit their jobs page here.

Fortune Society (NYC Only)

This is a wonderful organization that specializes in helping former inmates and felons get back on their feet after reentering society. They offer job programs, training and help find felons jobs. Please note that they are only located in the New York City area. You can visit the Fortune Society here.

Second Chance Job Listings!

Legit Online Jobs

Picture of a felon working from home.

Start Your Own Business

Picture of a man holding a sign that says "build your own business and become self employed."

Freelance Jobs

Picture that says "Freelance", these are freelance jobs for felons.