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Helpful Books & Information Sources For Felons

Below you will find some very helpful books for felons and resources that cover everything from self employment, jobs for felons and credit repair. These books are very helpful and give the right information and tools needed to move on from the past.

Books About: Jobs For Felons


Picture of the book "seven steps to becoming employed"

Jails to Jobs: Seven Steps to Becoming Employed

An excellent book for those just being released or for those that are having a hard time finding a job. If you take the book seriously and follow through with each step then you will significantly increase your chance in finding a job as a felon. This is an easy read that will be very helpful to most felons that are serious about finding a job or better yet a career.

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Picture of the book jobs for felons.

Jobs For Felons: The Past is Behind You, Now It’s Time to Get to Work

This is another good resource for felons that are seeking to find a good steady job. The book has helpful resources and is also has many examples of how felons have moved on with their lives.


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Books About: Self Employment, Entrepreneurship & Starting Your Own Business


Picture of the book Illegal to legal.Illegal to Legal: Business Success For (ex) Criminals

This is a wonderful, if not the best book available for felons that are seeking self employment options. This book will give you a clear and defined path to follow in whatever business you are wanting to start or become involved in. The author is a very successful entrepreneur that was convicted of a felony and did time in Leavenworth Federal Prison Camp.

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Picture of the book Guerrilla Marketing.

Guerilla Marketing: Easy and Inexpensive Strategies for Making Big Profits from Your Small Business

A time tested classic for any small business owner. Learn how to market your business in free, inexpensive and unique ways. This is a must for anyone that is starting there own business, no matter how big or small.


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Books About: Credit Repair


Picture of the best credit repair book.How to Remove ALL Negative Items from your Credit Report: Do It Yourself Guide

This is an amazing book that arms you with all the information that you need to clean up your credit efficiently and effectively. This is by far the best information source for cleaning up poor credit.


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