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Online Jobs For Felons – Work from Home

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Working online is a great option for felons that are looking for work. There are many ways to actually earn a great living by working solely online. All of the online jobs for felons listed below can be started immediately and require NO background check at all. With that being said you will need to have or learn the appropriate skills to be successful at any of these work from home jobs.

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There are many online scams out there in the world but we promise you that all of the below jobs are legitimate and are great online jobs for felons.


The Best Online Jobs For Felons

Upwork – Thousands of jobs waiting to be filled right now! No background check!!!

Picture of the upwork logo, they have online jobs for felons.Upwork is a fantastic way to make money online whether you are a felon or not. Upwork connects freelancers with employers that need a job done, the jobs can range from writing an article to sales or general administration duties.

Upwork is very, if not the most reputable site online to find work and that is why we recommend them so highly. No background check and you can start immediately!

Learn More About Upwork HereClick Here

Website Testing Jobs For Felons – Easy legitimate work!

Picture of a inforaghpich saying website testing jobs for felons.Website testing jobs are abundant and one of the easiest online jobs for felons to get. As long as you have the appropriate equipment at home such as a computer, internet access and a microphone/headset you will on your way to making a full time wage from the comfort of your home.

Website testing jobs do not require a background check and you can usually start within a day of applying. The job is very easy as long as you follow the instructions that are given to you. Click the button below to learn about these great jobs for felons.

Learn More About Website Testing JobsClick Here

Amazon Mechanical Turk’s – Great for those who are great at very high speed data entry!

Picture of amazon mechanical Turk job.

Yes it has an odd name but it can make you money IF you are really fast at typing or 10 key data entry. There is basically an unlimited amount of work that can be started immediately and done at anytime day or night. The pay per unit is very low but it can add up if you are an excellent typer.

You need no equipment except a computer with internet access.

Learn More About Amazon Mechanical TurksClick Here

Web Search Jobs – Get paid to search the internet and analyze search results!

picture of a infographic saying web search jobs for felons.These are great work from home jobs for felons  if you are very analytical and enjoy searching the internet. These companies pay well and have regular assignments you must complete by a deadline. They are very dependable and always pay on time. You will need to complete an application and also will need to pass a test.

Learn More About Web Search JobsClick Here

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Helpful Information For Felons

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Felon Resource Center (Housing, Grants, Loans & Reentry)
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 Tips & Information For Working Online As A Felon

Why work from home online?

Finding online jobs for felons is easy and can earn you a very significant income if you treat it as a real job. As you know many felons are discriminated against for jobs that they are very qualified for. Many companies will not hire a felon even if they were convicted 20 years ago for a non violent crime. This is why one of the reasons working online is getting more and more popular among felons.

Many advantages exist when you work online. A few include;

  • Saving money on gas, bus fare or transportation costs to and from work.
  • A lot of online jobs will not complete a felony background check.
  •  You can deduct some of your rent, electricity and other costs from your taxes.
  • You never have to leave home and do not need work clothing.
  • You are able to eat at home saving you money on food and drinks.
  • You will have more time with friends and family and also less work related stress.
  • There is no traffic to sit in and will have more time to do the things that you like to do.

So everything sounds perfect when working from home online right? Well there are a few cons as listed below.

  • You must be a self starter and disciplined to be a successful at home worker.
  • You will lose out on social time that you would normally have at work.
  • You may sometimes feel disconnected from the real world


What type of online job is right for you?

Only you can answer that question ultimately but it is best to match your skills to what the company does. If you are not someone that is comfortable with sales then just look for something different. The above companies do hire felons for online work so you do not have to worry about being rejected. Since this is not a concern put some real thought into what you would like to do and not what you have to do!


What you need to work online

It is always best to work from a desktop computer or a laptop. Smartphones and tablets are not really possible to use when working online, at least for most jobs.

Website Testing – You will need a computer, hi speed internet and a headset or microphone.

Upwork – No requirements except internet access.

Amazon Mechanical Turks – No requirements except internet access.

Web Search Jobs – You will need a computer and internet access.

Helpful Information For Felons

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Jobs for Felons Hub
Felon Resource Center (Housing, Grants, Loans & Reentry)
Legal Information for Felons
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58 thoughts to “Online Jobs For Felons – Work from Home”

  1. Why do none of your links like at home jobs for felons actually lead to a job bord or search with a list of jobs.

    1. Because there are so few jobs available to felons that no such job board exists. We list individual companies on our site that have reached out to us that want to be listed in most cases.

  2. I’ve spent my entire life (and I’m in my 50’s) without so much as a speeding ticket. I started working when I was 16 years old; I’ve spent 40 years in corporate management positions. I’m fairly recently divorced and self supporting. However, about 6 months ago I was laid off from my last management job, and about 3 months ago I was wrongfully arrested and charged with 6 felonies… based solely upon the word of a very disgruntled family member with a grudge. I kid you not. I had no idea this could happen to anybody! Apparently now you are guilty until proven innocent; it’s arrest somebody first and investigate it later. However, now I find my recent “arrest only” record (because I haven’t been indicted or arraigned, just arrested) is keeping me from working for the first time in my life. I’ve had several interviews and things looked very promising… until they ran that “background check”, that is. Then I found myself dropped from consideration of employment like a microwaved hot potato. I have bills to pay and I’m losing my shirt here (as in sinking as fast as a Rocky Mountain boulder in a small pond)… and all I want to do is the same thing I’ve always done… WORK AND SUPPORT MYSELF. Any suggestions… anybody??? I have no family and no where else to go but the home I’ve lived in for the past 27 years of my life… and if I can’t work, I and my cat will find ourselves out in the bushes soon…

    EVER BEEN ABSOLUTELY WRONGFULLY ARRESTED and had your entire life wrecked for something YOU HONESTLY DID NOT DO? HAPPENED TO ME… so, apparently it can happen to anybody!!! And, arrested gets you treated the same as convicted… trust me.

    p.s. this website is a wonderful resource, btw. Thank you.

  3. If you are looking for felon jobs online go to Youtube and search for workersonboard and dreamhomebasedwork. Subscribe to these channels.

  4. Hi ,

    I had never been arrested , never been to jail and never even had a run in with police for 37 years of my life up until about 6 months ago , I got arrested and brought in for something that I did 4 years ago and was not even aware that I had a warrant for my arrest for trafficking and possession . Thankfully , I was able to get them to drop the charges down to a simple sales and possession charge and go from there. Regardless , I have spent the past 3 months since I have been out going from place to place trying to find a job and have had next to and no luck because of the conviction. I have lost my licence and am begining to lose hope. I don’t have a trade anymore since losing my licence as driving was what I had done before i got arrested. Now I don’t know how I can be self sufficient for the first time in my life and could use help. Ever since I was 18 I have had a job that included some sort of coverage such as housing or food or both and now with this conviction I have lost the abillity to have those things. Can I get some guidance >

    1. Nationalnethealth now hiring. contact 570-285-4630 Now conducting phone interviews. Leave a number where you can be reached,

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