Infographic with a computer that is for working from home. Caption states "website testing jobs."

Website testing jobs are great online jobs for felons because you do not have to pass any type of background or credit check at all. These jobs for felons can be a great addition to your regular job or can be done full time to make a living.

Website Testing Jobs For Felons- User Testing

What You Do As A Website Tester

Basicly what happens is that the company you work for will send you assignments with a link to a website. You will go to that website and thoroughly go through the site to test several things like;

  • Perform specific tasks as assigned
  • Answer questions in writing about the site
  • Record audio notes via a headset about the site
  • Provide useful feedback about the site

The more detailed you are in your notes and audio during the test the more assignments you will get. It is very imperative that you follow all the directions they give you and pay attention to all details. When you apply to a website testing company they will have you do one sample assignment. If you complete the sample and do well on it then you will be given assignments that you are paid for.

What You Need

There are a variety of websites that you will test either by using a desktop/laptop or a smartphone. If you have both then you will get more assignments. You will also need a headset with microphone which only cost about 15 dollars. A few companies require a webcam but not most. Obviously you will also need to have internet access.

Pay, How and How Much

The pay is per assignment and can range from about 8 to 15 dollars per assignment. Each assignment on average will take you about 15 to 25 minutes. The downfall of website testing is that you do not get a lot of assignments on a daily bases but sometimes there are tons. This is why we suggest that you sign up with every company in order to maximize your earning potential. If you can get enough assignment you have the potential to make over 20 dollars per hour!

Most companies pay weekly and you will need to have a verified paypal account to receive you money.

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List of Website Testing  Companies that Hire Felons

All of the jobs below are felon friendly and do not require a background check. We also guarantee that every company is 100% legitimate and will pay you if you do a good job. Simply sign up, pass the test and get to work!

Picture of a company that hires website testers that are felons.


  • $8 per test
  • 20 minute test average
  • Pay via Paypal
  • Monthly pay on the 25th
Picture of usertesting company.

User Testing

  • $10 per test
  • 20 minute test average
  • Pay via Paypal
  • Pays seven days after you complete a test
Picture of youeye website testing company

UserZoom ( Formally You Eye)

  • $12 per test
  • 25 minute test average
  • Pay via Paypal
  • Pays 10 days after completion of test
picture of enroll web testing company.


  • $5 to $10 per test
  • Mostly mobile testing from iPhone
  • Pay Via Paypal
  • Variety of Projects
Picture of a web testing company available to felons.

Try My UI

  • $10 per test
  • 20 minute test average
  • Pay via paypal
  • Pays in about 3 after test completion

*Help for felons is not affiliated or related to any of the companies on this page nor do we make any monetary gain from them.

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