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When it comes to obtaining renters insurance for felons there are a few issues that may come up. Whether it is life insurance, homeowner’s insurance, or small business insurance, many companies have a hard time getting past the applicant’s prior record of a felony conviction(s).

Can Felons get renters insurance? In most cases yes, a felon can get renters insurance with few issues. Some felons may experience a few hurdles when applying but in most cases you will be able to find an insurance company to cover you and your property.

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Renters Insurance For Felons

Indeed sometimes it is hard enough sometimes for a felon just to find a place to rent, much less be able to obtain an insurance policy to cover any potential damages due to unexpected events. But felons can generally buy renters insurance…it may just take a little time and persistence to find the right company. No surprises there!

Is Renters Insurance Worth the Trouble?

As with any insurance policy, it is always wise to seek coverage for your rental property and the possessions within. You want to have a safety net to pay for damages not only to the home or apartment itself, but also your own things and even personal injury to persons on the property.. That’s right, most renters insurance policies protect the residents’ personal property from losses, and also cover certain injuries to individuals on their property who might, for example, be hurt during the same events which damage the property itself.


There’s a wide variety of circumstances that renters insurance covers. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Unintentional fire damage
  • Lightning strikes
  • Damage from snow and/or ice
  • Damage from hail, flooding, heavy rains
  • Wind damage
  • Property theft
  • Vandalism
  • Smoke damage
  • Falling objects, such as trees or other items
  • Water damage due to leaks or faulty plumbing


Again, the above are only a few items which may be covered by a renters insurance policy, and certainly it is therefore a smart move to try and buy at least basic coverage. But remember, such policies also usually cover bodily injury as well as certain costly medical payments for anyone hurt on the property, so long as it was an accident. That is why we strongly advise considering the investment of getting a policy…if you can.

As we mentioned in our other articles about the various types of insurance felons may desire to obtain, getting a renters insurance policy can at times be problematic. And some felons may simply believe it isn’t worth that effort, that maybe they don’t have enough assets to bother covering, or, if the person is really down on their luck, they may feel as if things “can’t get any worse,” so why bother with the hassle of arguing with an insurance company? Why try to convince some kid in a suit and tie that they should underwrite a policy to cover a convict?

You Have More Than You Think

Well, we’re here to tell you–it’s worth the trouble. According to one basic estimate we uncovered, an average person’s home assets within a two bedroom apartment can cost at least $40,000 to replace if damaged. Thus the question becomes, can one afford NOT to have insurance?

Of course we aren’t here to sell you anything but simply to give the facts and let you make the decision for yourself. If you don’t mind the risk of a permanent financial burden due to total property loss or due to some non-insured person getting hurt at your home, then forget the policy and roll the dice. That’s the great thing about being free from prison–you have the ability to make your own choices!

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Applying For Renters Insurance

If you do choose to apply for renters insurance, don’t worry. It’s very simple! You’ll have to provide some standard information, such as your name, address, phone number, gender, birthdate, Social Security Number, marital status, and of course employment status. The company will also likely ask about how many people live on the property and if there’s any commercial business done on the site. Be honest, as always. It never pays to try and lie to an insurance firm. In fact, it will usually come back to haunt you in spades…And rest assured, they will be checking to see if you’ve ever filed a claim before, and they may also run a credit check. Yes, prepare to be scrutinized to a degree!

Picking the Right Insurance Company

As we mentioned with our other insurance articles, felons should begin their quest for renters insurance with their current auto insurance company, if they have one. But if not, they should do their research and compare prices, looking for a company which has a record of friendliness toward persons with a criminal background. Many times, smaller agencies are more willing to extend policies, simply because they need the customers more. That said, largest companies can tolerate the financial risk more than smaller ones. So give them all a try, but start with your current agent if you have one.

Felony Expungement – In a number of states it is possible to have your felony conviction either expunged or sealed. Imagine having your record swiped clean! Learn more here.

Why Do Insurance Companies Deny Coverage?

Insurance companies, like any other capitalist venture, are in the business of making money, and they can only do that if they bring in more income from their customers’ policy premiums than they pay out to their customers’ claims. If they feel a customer might be more liable to make a claim in the future, due to a less than perfect background (such as a felony conviction), then they always have the right to simply pass on offering the coverage.

Don’t take it to heart; just keep looking and keep being honest and sincere as you apply. It does no good to hold a grudge, or come to an agent with a sense of entitlement. All you can do is show you’ve stayed out of trouble and have reintegrated back into society as well as possible…and are thus as deserving of renters insurance coverage as the next person. Let them see you as a regular person, and hopefully that is why they’ll treat you.

If they don’t, there’s always another company who might love to have your business!

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Where to Apply for Renters Insurance

Here are a few companies that offer very affordable renters insurance.