Picture of a car insurance policy for felons.

Car Insurance for Felons

Can a felon get car insurance? The answer is yes in nearly all cases but not all. Felons that have been convicted of a felony involving a motor vehicle may have difficulty finding car insurance. Some of these convictions may include felony or misdemeanor DUI/DWI, vehicular homicide and vehicular manslaughter.

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Having car insurance is a vital part of reentering society as a convicted felon. Having transportation to and from your job is necessary to stay on the straight and narrow. It is important to keep in mind that driving any vehicle without current state minimum insurance is a crime. Remember that the committing any crime while on probation will cause you to go back to prison immediately to serve the remainder of any sentence that you have.

In this article we will cover a number of topics including:

  • Operating other peoples vehicles
  • How a criminal record or felony affects getting car insurance
  • Finding car insurance with a DUI/DWI

Operating other people vehicles

Keep in mind is no matter who owns the vehicle it must be insured and the insurance must be current and meet the state’s minimum requirements. If you are operating someone else’s vehicle and it is uninsured you will be the one paying the penalty and possibly going to prison or to jail.

Something else to keep in mind is that if you are regularly operating someone else’s vehicle you should be added to their insurance to keep in accordance with state law.

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How a criminal record may affect getting car insurance

Something to keep in mind when you are looking for applying for car insurance is that insurance companies do not run a criminal background check on any of other applicants. They do run a motor vehicle report (MVR) on all applicants. This report will show at the minimum they last 10 years of your driving history. It will include any traffic infractions, crimes or accidents they had in the past.

It is a good idea to run a motor vehicle report on yourself because in some cases because it is possible that not all infractions or crimes will be listed. This is often true if the infraction occurred in a different state than you currently reside in. Not all states share share driving infractions but some do. By checking what your driver’s history shows will allow you to know exactly what to tell any insurance companies about and what you don’t have to mention.

Finding car insurance with a felony DUI/DWI

If you have been convicted of one or more felony DUI/DWI’s or misdemeanor DUI/DWI and need more information about getting  car insurance follow this link.