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Federal Express, also known as FedEx, is a global leader in rapid package delivery services. Their reach is international, but primarily we’re interested in their vast network of United States routes. Unlike the United States Postal Service, FedEx is a private corporation, and as such they have their own hiring practices when hiring felons.

Jobs with FedEx can be especially appealing to felons, who’ve often spent years cooped up in a prison cell and are anxious to be outdoors, driving trucks and delivering products to customers. But does FedEx hire felons? And if they do, are they really a good company to work for? Let’s take a look!

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Does FedEx Hire Felons?

Short Answer: Yes, FedEx will hire felons but not all felons or for all positions. Your particular type of felony conviction and the time since you completed your sentence will play a large part in whether FedEx will hire you or not. The state that you are applying in may or may not limit how far a background check can go back also.

Continue reading for a more in depth look at FedEx and if they hire felons.

FedEx Companies

FedEx is actually made up of several companies, all owned by FedEx Corp, which employees over 400,000 personnel.

So they have ‘transportation, e-commerce and business services’ all operating independently of each other. Thus FedEx Express, Ground, Freight, Office, Custom Critical, Trade Networks, Supply Chain, Services, Corporation are actually all unique businesses in their own right. But the benefits package and hiring practices are streamlined, so you can expect the same things from each.

FedEx Benefits

As far as benefits go, FedEx employee benefits package is top-tier. covering health care, 401k retirement plan, tuition reimbursement, and paid vacation among many other benefits. You can check out the full scope of FedEx’s benefits here.

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More on FedEx Hiring Felons

Okay, so FedEx is sounding like a great company to work for, right? But hold on–do they hire felons or not? Frankly, it’s not an easy question to answer…

They obviously have a need for qualified drivers, so having experience in that field is a huge bonus…but having a DUI on record could disqualify you. Warehouse work or experience in parcel handling and other courier service is also highly valuable (as is being healthy and strong enough to lift 75 lbs!), but if you were involved in a robbery, you probably won’t get a job like that.

They also have hundreds of office and customer service-related jobs, but obviously they are in the delivery industry so most jobs will revolve around physical handling and transportation of parcels and boxes.

Clearly when dealing with the property of other persons, there’s going to be a high level of accountability. FedEx will vet employees for trustworthiness and honesty, both characteristics which felons will need to be able to demonstrate above and beyond standard applicants. Having a felony conviction on your record is an automatic big strike against you, but is it a complete hindrance?

No Outright Ban on Felons

Their website does not come right out and say, ‘No, we don’t hire felons!’ Meanwhile, many job review boards cite examples indicating that some people have run into issues getting interviews with FedEx, which they ‘believe’ were due to felonies. However, that is conjecture in a lot of cases.

It should be noted again, FedEx is huge! They own numerous companies and have nearly half a million workers. Some of those workers have felony convictions on their records, guaranteed.

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FedEx Background Check

FedEx will conduct a background screening and for certain jobs an employment physical. They’ll be very curious about crimes involving theft or anything related to integrity violations. For driving jobs, there’ll be close scrutiny on crimes where an automobile was involved, obviously. So every situation is different because every person’s conviction circumstances are different, and each position being applied for may have their own unique criteria.

Background Check Limits

It is important to understand that some states have laws regarding how far back a criminal background check can go. This may play a big part in whether FedEx will hire you or not. Here are the laws.

Twelve states do not allow any felony conviction information older than seven years to be reported.

  • California
  • Colorado*
  • Kansas*
  • Maryland*
  • Massachusetts
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire*
  • New York *
  • Texas *
  • Washington*

(* exceptions based on pay/salary)

Some states will not report court cases where you were found NOT guilty: Hawaii, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Alaska, California, New York and Michigan.

These states will report unlimited numbers of years back of felony convictions and also report NOT guilty verdicts: Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Rhode Island, Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, DC, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

How To Apply to FedEx

We urge you to be 100% honest about your felony when applying to FedEx since they will be doing a background check in most cases. You can search for FedEx jobs here.

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The Bottom Line

Bottom line is, do an objective analysis of your own felon past, consider how that will look to a hiring manager who might want to consider you for a specific job. If you believe your crime is unrelated to the duties of the job, then you can imagine that hiring manager will be more inclined to consider you.

Facts are facts; they have a lot of jobs, and a lot of people applying for those jobs. So be honest during your application and if they request ‘additional information’ to finish up your background check, then give it to them. Better yet, just be forthcoming in advance so they won’t have any questions…

If the job you want requires a CDL, and if they do make an offer after reviewing your background, then expect a drug test, too!

Good luck with your FedEx application! We hope this article helped!

Felony Expungement – In a number of states it is possible to have your felony conviction either expunged or sealed. Imagine having your record swiped clean! Learn more here.