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Legal Information

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Picture of a infographic about felony expungement.Felony Expungement

Learn if it is possible to clean up your criminal past by expunging your felony record. Not all felons will have this option available to them but some will. Clearing your felony background can be life changing in terms of your career and housing future.







13 thoughts to “Legal Information”

  1. as i seen in one comment above and i will reply, no the federal government does not care if you cant work and are back in jail one of you elite that own private prison is making money, I have seen that this problem has not gotten too loud, so let me explain. this problem is not loud enough its not being made a big enough issue they blow you off in hopes you go away and be quiet, and most do. If you have a felony conviction you need to be sending emails letters to senators, congressmen, governors, and the EEOC bombard them with complaints, if your able to vote tell them if they refuse to do something you will vote them out.
    if you apply for a job and they turn you down or if the add says no felons make a list send or call them email them, tell them if your not good enough to work for them you will not spend your money at there business, if they know there loosing money they will change, they will do anything to get the money, there are enough felons in this country to have a major impact on there policies. also bombard the ACLU with complaints, if you settle for what there doing thats all you will ever get you paid your penalty you did the time period. i do all of the above on a daily basis after 20 yrs its still happening, they take your tax money but wont let you work, get off your asses and get out there and fight it.

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