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Does Walmart Hire Felons?

Walmart is the United States largest employer with over 2.2 million people employed by them at Sams Club and Walmart retail stores. The question “Does Walmart Hire Felons” often comes up among felons/ex-felons seeking jobs. We have found that the answer is sometimes yes and sometimes no. In this article we sort out the truth.

Does Walmart Hire Felons

Picture of a walmart store where walmart hires felons.As with all felons/ex-felons we ask ourselves whether this company or that company will hire us. What our organization does (Help For Felons) is help felons find jobs and arm them with the information they need about felon related issues.

When it comes to Walmart and Sams Club we have found that some felons are able to find jobs as store associates and night time stockers. Walmart evaluates each felons background individually as far as we have found out. The person(s) that interviews you will already know your background because you must disclose all information regarding your criminal background convictions and/or felonies on your application.

It is in your best interest to be 100 percent honest on your application because walmart will, 100% of the time run a criminal background check on every applicant no matter the position. In addition to the background check you will have to submit to a drug test either by urine and/or hair.

Walmart will accept some felonies depending on several factors such as:

  • What the conviction was for and the circumstances surrounding it
  • How long ago the felony was committed
  • What skills you have
  • Your experience

Help For Felons has found that most retail companies including Walmart will not hire sex offenders or felonies that are considered violent. Theft and/or forgery convictions may also reject you from being employed by Walmart and most other retailers. If you do not have a felony conviction for the above mentioned things then you have a chance of Walmart hiring you even though you are a felon.

Helpful Information For Felons

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The Hiring Process at Walmart

We wanted to provide you with a brief overview of how Walmart’s hiring process works.

1) Walmart only accepts applications that are filled out online. You may fill out the application on their online hiring center. If you do not have internet access you can go to any walmart store and fill out an application on their computer kiosk.

2) After filling out the application you will take a simple assessment test with about 65 questions on it. The better you do the better chances you have of being hired.

3) If your application is accepted then you will receive a call to interview.  There will be three people interviewing you at the same time.

4) If you have passed your first interview then you will come in for a second interview. After completing the second interview they will run your background test and send you for your drug test.

5) The last step is orientation which lasts three days. At this point you are officially hired by Walmart.

If you make it to the second interview and were 100% honest on your application about having a felony in your background then you will most likely get the job. As long as your background check matches what felony or felonies you put on your application then you should be okay.


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Tips for applying to walmart with a felony

Here are a few tips to better your chances of getting an interview:

  • Have open availability each day of the week
  • Be open to working in any department
  • Be 100% honest about any felonies
  • Explain the circumstances around your felony if asked

As with a lot of employers walmart will hire felons but it all depends on your honesty, type of felony and how long ago the felony was committed. Looking for more information about jobs for felons? Check out our website!

Helpful Information For Felons

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Jobs for Felons Hub
Felon Resource Center (Housing, Grants, Loans & Reentry)
Legal Information for Felons
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If you have any information or have worked for walmart as a felon please tell us about your experience in the comments section below. 


135 thoughts to “Does Walmart Hire Felons?”

  1. I have an Interview tomorrow. I have An ATTEMPT GRAND LARCENY FELONY do you think they will give me a chance to work and prove myself to them

  2. I have a misdemeanor theft of utilities from two years ago. I was upfront and openly disgust it with my interview & as well as disclosed it on my background check application ! I’m applying for a liscensed Optician position in Walmart Vision Center and I’m worried I won’t get hired due to the background ! Any thoughts???

  3. How does Walmart look at a prayer for judgement for misdemeanor simple possession. According to the courts a prayer for judgement isn’t a conviction but it shows on my background and says prayer for judgement.

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