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Can a felon become a nurse?

  Short Answer: Some felons can become a nurse while others will never get that chance. As with many instances involving felons, the answer can be complicated…but “in general,” yes, a felon can become a nurse five years after the completion of their sentence (which includes parole, if that was part of the sentence).

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Can You Become Cop with a Felony

    Becoming a cop with a felony is nearly impossible for most felons but in some instances it has happened. If you are serious about pursuing a law enforcement career we highly suggest that talk to an attorney about having your record sealed or expunged. In this article we will take an in depth look at […]

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Small Business Loans for Felons

  Starting a small business is hard enough without having to worry about money. Help For Felons  ONLY recommends getting small business loans for felons after you have come up with a well thought out and practical small business plan. Most small businesses will fail within two years, do your part by researching your business well […]

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