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Does Home Depot Hire Felons?


Does Home Depot Hire Felons? Answers Here

Home Depot is one of America’s largest employers and attracts thousands of applicants a year, including felons. Home Depot will hire felons but is selective when doing so. Factors for employment consideration will include the time since conviction, type of felony and how well you can explain your past.

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Does Home Depot Hire Felons?

Updated: 2/16/2017

Home depot is a large home improvement chain that has thousands of employees spread across the United States.  If you have looked for a lists of employers that hire felons on the internet you may have found the Home Depot listed as “felon friendly.” We have not found this to be the case at all and have never had one report of a felon being hired by Home Depot regardless of time since conviction or the actual felony charge.

There are many rumors that Home Depot will hire felons and this is due to several reasons. The first reason is because felons always seem to get far into the hiring process without having any issues. Many felons have a first and second interview, complete their drug test (passing) and then are told that they can start orientation. Sounds great right? What happens is that when the background check comes back they will call you and tell you that are not eligible for employment. In some instances we have heard from some felons that have been hired and haven’t had any issues at all.

Home Depot runs a background check as the last step of the hiring process and they generally get it back just before orientation starts. We have heard reports that state that the applicant declared his or her felony on the application and even talked about it with the hiring manager. Thinking everything is great the applicant has high hopes of being hired but only to have their hopes dashed at the last moment.

Here is what one applicant had to say;

“I have a friend who applied, was honest about his criminal past, made it through two interviews, passed the drug test, and was scheduled for orientation. The DAY BEFORE he was to go in, he was called and told he would not be hired. Not once during ANY of this did any one mention his background being a problem (he had one felony of a bad check). I do hope it turns out differently for you, but I would be cautious until you actually start work. FYI- this was in Georgia.”

Source: Prison Talk Forum

Another applicant also had this to say to us;

“I made it all the way through the application process [Home Depot] and at the last minute they told me they could not hire me because of my felony conviction even though I told them about it on my application and in the interview.”

As you can see it may not be worth you time and getting your hopes up about Home Depot hiring felons. We suggest that you take a look at some of our resources and job information pages if you are in need of work or help.


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Updated Information About Home Depot

Over the past year or so we have heard from a number of felons that have been hired by Home Depot and others that have not. Take a look at the comments below from our readers! After much consideration we now think that it is a good idea to apply if your local home depot is hiring.

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109 thoughts to “Does Home Depot Hire Felons?”

  1. Will Home Depot hire someone with a 10-year-old (2007) felony sex offense conviction? It’s for anonymous internet porn..

  2. This happened to my brother last month. He interviewed with 5 different managers! They were impressed with his various construction certifications and employers. After running the background check, he received a letter declining his employment and potential termination! The letter cited his ’08 drug felony. This happened in Illinois.

  3. I worked at Home Depot from 2013-2015, started part time and worked my way up to full time then to Specialist within that 2 years. I left for a better paying job. I was just convicted of felony grand larceny 3rd degree, however I never stole anything. I was a party they considered involved so they found me guilty even though again, I never stole a thing. I am now trying to go back to Depot but am worried about my felony because it’s theft. However, all of the employees want me to come back and managers would love to have me back. Does anybody know of any employees hired with a grand larceny? I miss working there and my coworkers, and they all know I am a great worker and person. Will that matter with my charge?

    1. So, to sum up much of the information below, for those of you that have applied please clarify the following:

      It seems clear the HD is using First Advantage and that the check goes back 7 years.
      My question is… in the 7 years they check back on what are they looking for?
      Is it release from the penitentiary or date of conviction? It is important to know this because those who served a lot of time there is a huge gap between the two.

      Is the 7 years for all felonies, or are there certain felonies they go back further or indefinitely?

  4. Mad at I even was worried. HOME DEPOT HIRES FELONS. No violent or sexual ones but drugs yes just hired two weeks ago and been workin since

    1. I worked with someone at Depot who did 16 years for drug offenses. This was his first job after being released. Was within a year of his release. They hired him and he moved up the ladder. I know they can hire people with certain felonies, just not sure if they will hire all felonies.

  5. So, they are not felon friendly. I applied disclosed my felony along with penal code. Got a phone interview. The want in with a interview with two managers. I impressed everyone and got the job that day contingent with a background check and drug test. Went in for a drug test and signed my background information. A week later I got a letter from home Depot corporate office in Atlanta. The background was through first advantage. They adversed there offer based on my felon convictions. They’re five years old. I know in California they can’t go further than seven years. So my advice if it’s over seven years you be good. If not they wont hire no matter what your rehabilitation efforts have been. Good luck.

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