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June, 4 2019 – Help For Felons Organization News

Could it be that high paying jobs for felons are coming to Oklahoma? Recently Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt signed a bill into law (House Bill 1373) making it possible for felons in Oklahoma to get higher paying jobs.

Here is what is happening in Oklahoma.

High Paying Jobs For Felons In Oklahoma? Possible due occupational licenses granting!

The newly signed law will go into effect on November 1st, 2019. What doe this mean for felons in Oklahoma?

Prior to this bill being signed into law any felon living in Oklahoma was restricted from being able to obtain any type of occupational license. Unfortunately over 30% of all jobs in Oklahoma require an occupational license. A few examples of jobs that require a license are:

  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Cosmetology
  • Health Care

Many jobs for felons are low paying for a number of reasons including the inability to get a occupational license in most states. With the passage of this law many felons in Oklahoma will now be able to find high paying jobs.

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The Cost of Occupational Licensing

Not Only does this law help felons get higher paying jobs but it also allows the working poor to be able to further themselves and earn more. With that being said this bill does not lower the fee’s that felons and the working poor will have to pay in order to get their occupational license.

Oklahoma is a mid-range state when it comes to licensing – we don’t require a license for as many occupations as some other states, buy we tend to have above average fees for the occupations we do license. A 2012 study by the Institute for Justice ranked Oklahoma as the 11th most burdensome state in terms of licensing – we only license 29 of 102 low to moderate-income occupations, but we charge an average of $116 in fees for a license.

Source: Oklahoma Policy Organization

More Information

  • It should be noted that this law does not change occupational licensing laws for felons convicted of a violent felony. Only non-violent felons will be able to get occupational licenses.
  • Not all all felons can get any type of occupational license. If your conviction is related to the type of license that you apply for you may be denied. An example of this would be; If you were convicted of stealing drugs while working in a hospital you will not be able to get a occupational license in healthcare.
  • The issuance of occupational licenses to felons will be examined on a case by case basis.
  • By law you must receive a decision about your license application within 60 days.