Image of a truck with the caption "second chance trucking companies, yes they exist."

There are a number of second chance trucking companies out there. In addition to this list you may also want to check out our list of trucking companies that hire felons. Whether you have had an accident, DUI or have been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor you may have some luck with these trucking companies.

List of Second Chance Trucking Companies

Britton Transport – These guys run dry vans, reefers and flatbeds. They are known for using common sense when when hiring truck drivers and will actually consider hiring you with a felony on your record.

Carolina Cargo – Perhaps the most felon friendly trucking company on earth. They defiantly give second chances to truck drivers!

Magnum Ltd. – You can email them,  ([email protected]) to find out more.

Gardner – We are not 100% sure they will hire felons at this time but they were referred to us by one of our readers.

Paschall Truck Lines (PTL) – This company has given seconded chances before to many new truck drivers with felony convictions and accidents.

Carolina Logistics – Has a reputation of giving truck drivers a 2nd chance. –

TransAm – TransAm is is considered a second chance trucking company – No DUI convictions in last 2 years, No more than 1 preventable accident in the last 6-month period, No more than 2 preventable accidents in the last 12-month period, No more than 3 moving violations in 3-year period and No reckless driving violations in the last 5 years

USA Truck

Western Express – Their qualifications seem open ended.

Roadtex Transportation

New Penn


May Trucking company – Their qualifications seem open ended. This is a great second chance trucking company.

Robertson’s Ready Mix

Covenant Transport

Southern Refrigerated Transport – 4 months continuous experience in the last 3 yrs. maintaining a log book; drivers that don’t quite have 4 months can be enrolled in training. No DUI’s and DWI’s within the last 5 years. (Includes probation time). Misdemeanors/Felonies – Reviewed by Management (Nonviolent only). No more than 3 moving violations in the last 3 years. No more than 3 preventable accidents in the last 2 years